Chenille is about mastering tricky keyboard controlls to help a little caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly.

This game was made during a local game jam with the theme "Arch", so there is solely round geometry in the game.


  • move: WASD
  • switch between front and back: Space
  • hold back: O (keep pressed down)
  • hold front: P (keep pressed down)
  • reset to last checkpoint: Backspace

You have to move the front and back part of the caterpillar independently. Use space to switch the selection. The caterpillar also slides down at the rounded ground and leaves. So hold O or P key to lock the position of the caterpillars front or back when it is on the ground. 

Try to eat as many golden leaves as possible before reaching the branch with the big leaf to become a pretty butterfly .... or will you end as an ugly moth?

Average playtime 5 - 10 min.


  • Antonia Boschert (Art)
  • Hannah Kümmel (Level Design and VFX)
  • Sven Schäfer (Programming)
  • Lena Voß (Level Design and UI)
  • Music by Paul Redetzky


Chenille.rar 25 MB

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